PES has the versatility to manufacture one-off / batch / volume production of a large variety of components.

Our current manufacturing facilities includes:

Turning (Gee Dee Wieler LZ 300G & Kirloskar 1330 Lathe)
Milling (HMT FN-1 – Universal with 3 axis DRO, BFW – Universal)
Precision Drilling (HMT -M1TR with 2 axis DRO)
Precision Jig Boring (S.I.P. with 2 axis DRO)
Panel Saw ( Jai Industries)
Precision Circular Sawing (Jai Industrie)
Vertical Band Saws (Jai Industries)
Surface Planner (Jai Industries)
Horizontal Band Saw (Sagar Industries)
Acrylic/Polycarbonate Bending.

Specialised Toolings & Work Holding Devices:

Dividing Head (Elliot)
Rotary Table (Horizontal – Cum – Vertical)
Special Milling Machine Fixtures for manufacturing long & slender jobs like guides etc.

Measuring Equipments:

  • Vernier calipers (Digital, Dial, plain)
  • Micrometers
  • Bore Guages
  • Simple linear measurement tools (Scale, Measuring tape, etc.)
  • Angle measurement (Degree Protractor, Bevel protractor with magnification)
  • Right Angles
  • Surface Plate (Casting)
  • Height Gage
  • Miscellaneous measuring & setting equipment (Dial stand with both poppet & regular Dials, Magnetic V- Blocks, Parallel Blocks, etc.)

The addition of DRO’s to vital machines has multiple advantages:

  • It facilitates precision error – free job setting / production.
  • Reduction in setting time along with enhanced operator confidence.
  • It helps in De-skilling / reducing skill dependency thus ensuring work completion by even semi-skilled operators.

Thus we get a precise & consistent output eliminating/minimizing costly rework at fractional cost of CNC machine.

No matter how complex the job, we have the technology, expertise and passion to deliver.