Why Plastic is machined:

Plastic molding is a very popular process for mass produced components. However for limited non-repetitive quantities die-cost becomes prohibitive. Some grades of Engineering Plastic are not suitable for molding. Hence machining of Plastics is the only feasible solution.


Our Activities:

We specialize in manufacturing precision machined engineering plastic components of almost any shape and size.

We endeavor to improve product value for our customers. We achieve this thro our knowledge of material selection gained by trading activity of nearly five decades, coupled with newly established in-house machining facilities.


Majority of operation we perform are:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Precision Drilling (Jig-Drilling, M1TR)
  • Bending/Pasting/Fabrication


  • Engineering and Development

Our E&D team continuously interacts with Customers & employs the latest/appropriate toolings, technology, processes to bring you high quality, innovative products and services. We help our customers with many developmental activities like reverse engineering from sample, prototyping, guidance in appropriate material selection, etc.